Screaming To Be Heard

Screaming To Be Heard Hormonal Connections Women Suspect… And Doctors Still Ignore by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.
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Are YOU a woman between the ages of 25 and 65? Are you experiencing any of
the following?

  Loss of sex drive
  Memory problems
  Interstitial cystitis (or chronic bladder problems)
  PMS – worsening as you get older
  Food or alcohol cravings and chronic weight gain
  Difficulty sleeping, especially prior to menstruation
  Chronic fatigue or extreme tiredness
  Chronic allergies or yeast

Have you seen one health professional after another without getting the help
you need? Does it seem like no one is listening?
Have you tried many different therapies, but still don't feel like yourself? Do you know that something physical is happening to your body, even though
everyone tells you that it’s all in your head?
If any of the above applies to you, then you must read this book!
Screaming to Be Heard validates what women have suspected all
along: hormonal cycles DO play a role in many health problems that affect women
in greater numbers than men. Dr. Vliet explains the complex connections between
hormones and brain messengers that regulate memory, mood, sex drive, appetite,
pain, and other body changes. She blends various treatment options to help women find
“wholeness” in the fragmented, symptom-based approach of both alternative and
traditional medicine.
The hormone connection often goes unrecognized, even by experienced doctors,
and has not yet been seriously examined by the medical industry. Yet there ARE
hormonal differences between men and women, and these differences can tip the
balance toward health or illness, or even life or death.

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